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Areas Of Consultation in:Organizational Ecology & Effective Workplaces

The simplest level of service is simply being available to review workplace issues, suggest other assumptions or options, or just be a sounding board for concerns and issues concerning design, management and use of work settings. Examples of potential services:

» Up-Front Planning (“Phase Zero”)

Guidance in formative stages of workplace change
project; before launching into a project, we clarify a number
of important areas:

• leaders' vision for the enterprise
• key success factors
• current & desired work cultures
• change aspirations: new ways of working

This phase helps to establish a solid context for making work
setting choices such as whether to build new or renovate, where to
locate facilities, how to group people, and key design elements
that should be included.

» Design Development Support

This is participation as a member of a project or design team,
often as link between clients and designers, providing data and
making predictions that help clients make choices that will create
effective, satisfying, and flexible work settings that can suit their
needs over time, as conditions or intentions change.

» Long-term Project Consultation

Involvement as content and process consultant throughout
a planned workplace change, including:

• sharpening business & change goals for the project
• development of guiding principles for design
• advice on impact of different design elements
• planning & implementing work style changes
• pre and post-move assessments
• establishing policies & protocols for the new workplace



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How We Work

A consulting relationship is first and foremost a trust-based relationship. Our activities and solutions always begin with the needs of the client, not the consultant, and confidentiality is assured.