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Consultant Biography - Fritz Steele

Fritz was born in Kansas City, MO and raised in Topeka, KS. He received his BS from Yale University and a PhD in Organization Studies from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. He is married to Debbie Jones-Steele and has two grown children, Lauren and Graham.

He taught organizational behavior and interpersonal dynamics in the department that became Yale’s School of Management. He has also taught periodically at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Design (summer programs) and in the management program in the Radcliffe Seminars.

He was involved with NTL Institute for a number of years, including the early development of the field of Organization Development (OD). He has worked primarily as an outside consultant in areas of organization change, organizational culture and workplace strategy and development, while writing about concepts learned or developed in those areas and the consulting process itself. His base of operations has generally been the Boston/Brookline area in Massachusetts.

For the last few years he has mainly been involved in large-scale projects aimed at reshaping organizational campuses and therefore the ways people work with one another, all with the aim of creating a more agile, flexible organization that can cope with today’s fast-changing world. He is currently interested in providing simpler, less encompassing services to any sized organization, especially those that can’t afford large-scale projects but still need to improve in order to survive. These services can include quick problem assessments, short-term counseling and on-call advising as needed.


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