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Fritz Steele Art - Background

Fritz has been creating art pieces on an on-again off-again basis for over 30 years, with increased output in the last four years. He is a member of the York and Kittery Art Associations and has exhibited frequently at both. His artistic work is primarily in collage and occasionally oil crayon. He takes inspiration from the beautiful and historic settings in the local area, having had a lifetime fascination with places and how they affect people’s lives and experiences. (Resulting in one of his personal favorites of the books he has authored, The Sense of Place.)

His collages are generally abstract fantasy landscapes but are triggered by both the surroundings and the visual materials of his favorite sources, the Sunday New York Times and Maine Home + Design magazine.


The other main influences in his collage work are the color field paintings of Mark Rothko, which have led him to an exploration of what he’s called “Rothko Riffs,” as a continuing theme. He is also drawn to interesting old frames as starting points for new works, which leads him to spend too much time scuffling through antique and thrift shops around the area.



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