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Organizational Effectiveness: Diagnosis, Development & Change

Organizations are made up of people, not machines. In order to remain healthy systems, they require regular attention to key processes plus issues such as leadership style and impact, culture/climate and inter-group processes.


Organizational Ecology:  Workplace Assessment, Strategy, Design & Change

The impact of the workplace on effectiveness and flexibility is often overlooked or taken for granted. This is an area where we have pioneered more consistent and innovative approaches to analysis, design, change and use patterns for work settings.


Effective Change Processes:
Change & Transition Management

In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining the status quo is a quaint option that few leaders assume to be either possible or desirable. The process of changing human systems requires a thoughtful, systematic and sometimes creative approach.


Collage Work Added

Fritz has been creating art pieces for over 30 years. His artistic work is primarily in collage and occasionally oil crayon.

New Publications

      The Arrogant Leader: Dealing with the Excesses of Power
        a new book by Stephen Jenks & Fritz Steele


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- Organizational Health Goes Beyond the Bottom Line - READ MORE...

Consulting for the Agile Organization

We provide behavioral science expertise in organizational effectiveness, culture diagnosis, workplace design and use, and planned change processes.

Throughout our work, the main theme is to use knowledge in organizational and ecological psychology to create more flexible, sustainable systems that can compete in a changing world and provide healthy work environments for their members.

Our clients and projects have varied considerably in scale and scope, from simple advice through educational inputs, data collection and diagnosis, and longer-term change projects. Clients have ranged from small professional firms to medical systems to large corporations, including both for-profit and non-profit systems.


Areas of Focus

There are key areas on which our practice is focused and where our experience runs deep:

  • Organizational Health: Diagnosis & Development
  • Workplace Analysis & Innovation
  • Organizational Change & Transition Management

Client List - Partial

>  Novartis Pharmaceuticals
>  Lehigh Valley Health Network
>  Steelcase, Inc.
>  Johnson Controls, Inc.
>  General Dynamics
>  Ministry of Forests & Range, BC
>  Liberty Mutual
>  Sandoz
>  Hull Trading Company
>  Levi Strauss
>  Fidelity Investments
>  The World Bank


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How We Work

A consulting relationship is first and foremost a trust-based relationship. Our activities and solutions always begin with the needs of the client, not the consultant, and confidentiality is assured.